When I had the idea of this site, it was one of those periods when I get addicted to specific websites. At that time, I was constantly visiting several blogs and I was fascinated by their authors (i.e., John Gruber, Merlin Mann, Shawn Blanc, Patrick Rhone, Ian Hines, etc). I really liked their great insights and especially their ability to make me further think. I wanted to do the same.

As I was seriously thinking about setting up and designing this site, I was sure I would be able to mimic those bloggers, which means to write stuff frequently and in English (not my mother-tongue, as you may have already noticed or read here). And the strong belief that I was capable of doing it made me feel really confident. I was already imagining my website full of content. It was accessible, for sure.

However once the design was all done and once the website was fully functional, one thing was missing: the content.

At that point it all began to be much more complicated than expected. Sitting and writing was hard and concentration was absent.

This is only when my illusion that I was capable of doing it started to fall that I kicked my ass, sat down and decided to just write.

It feels comfortable to be sure you are capable of doing something. But doing is actually much more complicated.

This is what I want to set up as the basic idea behind this website. It is the tool I use to actually do things instead of imagining them.