It’s time to build our modern pyramids →

Jeff Bezos,’s founder, plans on building a huge clock that is intended to last 10,000 years. He has already invested $42 million of his fortune.

The project comes from Danny Hills who proposed it in WIRED in 1995. That’s a great idea in my opinion. This should be our modern pyramids: a way for us to show to future generations the technology and the expertise we had.

We can’t imagine the events the clock will go through and that is fantastic: new political systems, changes in geography, climate and maybe a slow evolution of the human body.

Dylan Tweney helps us to figure out what it could mean if it was built 10,000 years ago and its sounds interesting:

Consider this: 10,000 years ago, our ancestors had barely begun making the transition from hunting and gathering to simple agriculture, and had just figured out how to cultivate gourds to use as bottles. What if those people had built a machine, set it in motion, and it was still running today? Would we understand how to use it? What would it tell us about them? And would it change the way we think about our own future?