Lil’ Wayne – How To Love. Please Shazam for more →

Shazam already had a very good service. For those who are not familiar with it, Shazam’s mobile apps solve a recurrent problem. It finally gives us a simple way to find out the name of the sick tune we are listening to and this anywhere. Just scan with your mobile while the song is playing or when you’re friend is singing and find out the name of the track, artist and album.

So Shazam has a brilliant app. It works well. It is technologically advanced, easy-to-use and useful. However, apart from switching from free-to-download to paid apps and advertising in their apps, the team did not have a strong way to make money.

Now they have. They have come up with a smart way to use their technology to appeal to brands and to customers. When watching a videoclip, use Shazam to scan and find out more about the artist’s discography, his concerts, to buy tracks or goodies. The team finally can take advantage of the awesome potential of their apps and when you see how companies or agencies are trying to push real-life hyperlinks such as QR codes to their audience, you see that Shazam now has a gold mine in their hands. Big companies are already lining up to integrate Shazam into their ads.

Good move!