Thank you, Steve

Today Steve Jobs has resigned. We knew it would happen. I knew it as well. It was common sense, so predictable, but never I would have thought this would happen today.

His resignation was inevitable, but it was virtual to me. Steve Jobs had been in charge for so many years that having him as Apple’s CEO felt natural to me. It was the way it was and that was it.

I really like the person. I have been interested in his life and in his success for several years now. He is undoubtedly the CEO I know the most of and the one I am the most amazed by. He is also the one I feel the closest to every day. I love using the products his company makes and he is for many of us a huge inspiration.

I read many articles about this moment. As always, I imagined it would be completely different than how it happened. I was expecting something big and serious, but it surely would not have been the best for Apple’s stock price. I was prepared for a big keynote-like announcement planned weeks before. The day this would happen would be huge and it would be an earthquake. I would fear the death of Apple.

However it did not happen like that at all. I did not feel any sort of switch. Nothing has gone wrong and I am still confident in Apple’s future. This is great news for the company. People have carefully prepared this moment in silence to have the less effect on Apple’s shares and people’s confidence. It has been effective for me.

To conclude, I would like to focus on the fact that Steve Jobs’ resignation means after all that he felt it was the time for him to leave. I would like to keep in mind that beyond Apple’s future, this is mostly one man’s health that is in stake. For this, I wish him all the best and thank him for what he has done.