Are some children born evil? →

Interesting article about Professor Dads studies, a parenting expert from New South Wales. According to him, callous or unemotional kids are not able to see the love in their mother’s eyes. This may cause them to be keener to harm other people or to cause disaster.

This obviously leads directly to the psychopath topic:

Studies of adult psychopaths have noted their lack of focus on the eyes of others, and it's associated with two other markers: an inability to recognise fear and a lack of empathy.

However, Professor Dads stresses that:

Dadds is at pains to emphasise that ''psychopathy'' does not mean ''serial killer'' but callous disregard for the feelings of others - they could, as psychologist Robert Hare says in his book Sharks in Suits, find their place as easily in the corporate world as in the criminal.

Who knows how many found their way in the corporate world.