Goodbye, Steve.

So, Steve Jobs is dead.

Why does it bother me? Yes, why do I feel sad? I never met him after all.

I never met him, but I grew years after years a huge respect for him. It started when I first heard of Apple in 2004, I just had bought my beloved blue iPod Mini. I guess it got me hooked. The rest has just been me growing interest in Apple and in its co-founder.

I spent hours of my life using Apple products and it carries on. Every bit of information about Steve that I found, I read, watched or listened to it. On the front page of a newspaper, I always chose to read the article about him instead of the huge one about the catastrophic financial crisis or whatever.

On top of that, I enjoyed each Apple event. Feeling the excitement while watching the stream or following people’s live updates was thrilling. Even though they were over, I downloaded and watched every keynote in the past 4 years just for the sake of it.

But that is not all, I wanted Apple to be part of my future and I was sure this would happen. I believed that I would meet him once. This is one of the things I learned from him: do what you believe in. So I was doing what I thought would lead me to him. My only mistake was thinking that I had the time to. Today I know that this will never happen.

All of this made Steve Jobs become close to me and this is why I care today and why I am sad.

Steve, you are a huge influence.