Indie Developers: You Guys Are Millionaires Right? →

This is a very interesting article by an independent developer from Shifty Jelly. It dismisses all the false ideas we have on indie developers and how easy this situation may be. There are way too many passages worth quoting. You need to check it out yourself.

The only sentences I will put here are the ones we should keep in mind in any circumstances before judging a piece of software.

You put an enormous amount of effort (and yourself) into every product you make. Sometimes you find people deriding it, or dismissing it after spending 13.2 seconds using it. People tell you not to take that personally. Good luck with that. When you invest 6 months of your life, day and night, creating a product there’s no way in hell you can’t take other people’s comments personally.

Shifty Jelly’s team and the other indies need support for the great work they do.