Outpost on Cookatoo Island →

I managed to keep myself busy today by going on Cookatoo Island for what’s called ‘Outpost’. I spent the whole afternoon feeding my curiosity between Sydney’s blue sky and dusty old factories.

The island, where abandoned factories are still standing, welcomes for a bit more than one month a huge street art exhibition. It is dozens of artists and probably hundreds of artworks that you will be able to see. You will find yourself walking around without no aim from factory to factory while breathing the inside air of those old buildings, both fresh and rusty.

I would recommend NEXT in the ‘Heavy Machine Shop’ where spending one hour wouldn’t be enough to check the whole collection of over 1,500 printed tees. It very inspiring and if it does not give you the envy to create your own T-shirts, there is something wrong with you.

Second, you have to see the ‘Oi You! Collection’. George Show and his wife have gathered dozens of high-quality artworks from street artists, among them there is the ‘famous’ Banksy. If the rest of the exhibition is really cool, this is the icing on the cake. The rest will look graphically beautiful, but meaningless to you after that. The artworks here have been created to say something, you can tell. You will likely find yourself stopping in front of some trying to figure out what the message is, something I haven’t done for the rest.

The exhibition is open until 11 Dec. Make sure you go to check it out. You will not regret it and if you don’t like it, Cookatoo Island is still a perfect place to chill on a sunny weekend.