Go Daddy Lost 21,054 Domains Yesterday →

Drew Olanoff reports on The Next Web:

According to TheDomains, 21,054 domains were transferred away from Go Daddy on Friday alone. At $6.99 a pop, that would make for a loss of $147,167, not taking future renewals into account. The day before wasn’t a good one for the company either, with 15,000 people taking their domains elsewhere. That means that even though Go Daddy changed its stance, people have had enough.

Perfect follow-up to my previous article.

I’m glad people are deciding to sanction companies who take bad decisions for the users. All the domains lost are a strong punishment for GoDaddy and a good example of Internet reactivity.

Update: Smart move from Namecheap, which is using Twitter’s promoted tweets to push SOPA opponents to switch to its domain registration and web hosting services. Please remark the witty coupon code: ‘BYEBYEGD’.