Twitter is likely to have encountered a lot of problems rolling-out the New New Twitter

As I’m settling down after a 3-week trip in south-east Australia, what do I notice this morning?

I finally have access to the so-called ‘New New Twitter’ after wondering if I’d ever see it.

I guess rolling out this kind of update to Twitter’s entire user base has taken more time than expected. I could not believe Twitter purposely took two months to spread this over. And who knows, I’m more than likely not the last one to be upgraded.

As a clue to my point, I encountered several bugs that I would classify as post-update technical issues. First, I cannot edit my settings anymore. The password I enter to save my changes, which is exactly the same I used to log in, is said to be incorrect (screenshot). Second, it’s impossible for me to log out from Twitter. Each time, I get the following server error (screenshot):

403 Forbidden: The server understood the request, but is refusing to fulfill it.

I want to log out. It sends a request to the server. The server understands it, but refuses to log me out, because I do not have the rights to do so.

Something wrong definitely happened during the upgrade of my server, which leads me to think that it took so long because Twitter encountered many more problems than expected.