Mike Skinner will soon release the Story of the Streets →

Decca Aitkenhead, from The Guardian, met Mike Skinner and summed up the interview in a worth-reading article. She also read Skinner’s memoir ant it is promising.

Until recently I would have advised anyone interested in the psychology of pop stardom to read Feel, Chris Heath's biography of Robbie Williams, even if they couldn't care less about the singer himself. I would now say that they need to read The Story of the Streets – even if they have no interest in Mike Skinner. For that matter, you could have little interest in popular music either, and should probably still read his memoir. It is cleverer, funnier, more illuminating and beautifully written than anything I have read in the longest time.

The Story of the Streets is supposed to be released on the 29th of March, 10 days from now.

It is an euphemism to say that I can’t wait.