Nike+ for Path →

Path opens up its API to other services. Nike+ is the first one to take advantage of it. The integration is seamless. Once you put your shoes on and start running with Nike+, your friends will see what you’re up to. Probably the best feature that Path could offer is the possibility for your friends to cheer you on while running:

Path’s blog:

The first steps work out the morning stiffness but you start to hit your stride, and soon you’ve reached your route’s first hill. Your legs are beginning an early burn. Then through your earphones comes a welcome sound. It’s your dad, your sister, your best friend––they’re cheering you on. Because this morning, the moment your shoes hit the pavement, they saw you start your run on Path. They’re supporting you each step, from across the city, across the country, across the globe. You sprint the hill. With their help, you make it count.

That’s awesome!