‘Pay With Square’ has great features for both users and businesses →

Leena Rao from Techcrunch has a good article about Square’s update of their app now called ‘Pay with Square’. It is available on both iOS and Android.

As you may know, Square’s app allows you to walk into the store, just say your name and you’re done. This has been available in the iOS app for a year. It made its way to the Android app with this update. Wondering how that works?

On the backend, Square’s technology detects when you are near a merchant-enabled store, and the Merchant’s Square app will open a tab for the customer and show that customer’s account, name and photo as nearby. When the customer purchases an item, they say their name, and the cashier can verify that the photo matches the customer, and then press the transact button to send the charge through. The customer will get a push notification with the amount of the charge as well. The customer can also add a tip via Pay With Square after the transaction in case they forget.

Make you want to use it until broke, right?

The app also features ways to discover merchants and to share them with your friends. This is great for businesses. All of this drives more people into their store, reduces checkout time and combined with Square Register gives them very personal ways to stay in touch with their customers.

Square is onto something and it is exciting.