Sparrow’s Dominique Leca talks to the Verge →

Good article about the people behind Sparrow, an email client for Mac and iPhone, and their ideas. Dominique Leca, the co-founder and CEO, explains.

A detail strikes me though: Leca’s background.

[…] "To tell you the truth, I didn't know what I wanted to do so I went to business school." Only when prodded further does he reveal that he attended HEC, one of the top business schools in France. […] "I had just done everything I could to get internships in advertising, real estate, and tax law. Maybe being a lawyer could be fun?" After he finished school, Leca found himself at a company building "trash apps" only meant to be used for ten minutes per day by big auto companies — an unfulfilling mission for an imaginative mind. He eventually decided to quit the company, but not without leaving a very prominent mark on the people he worked with. Just two months after Leca left, Dinh Viêt Hoà, one of the firm's most talented engineers, came to him with an idea. […] Leca wanted in.

Very inspiring.