Square is actually advertising on TV →

Funny enough. It looks like Square is actually advertising a bit more than K. Rabois said.

Techcrunch’s writer, Leena Rao, spotted a TVC on air on the Cooking Channel. The channel’s audience seems to be composed in majority by women from 18 to 54.

That’s an interesting choice. Square is probably experimenting with this first TVC, but choosing such a channel cannot be innocent.

My best guess to explain Square’s choice is to consider that this audience also contains a lot of small business owners. I think about flower shop owners, clothes boutiques, bakeries, cupcake shops, shoe shops, etc. Then it makes sense. They are very likely to adopt a much simpler and elegant way to take payments. They surely are annoyed by the complicated setup traditional payment systems require, fee management and upfront costs.

On the contrary, Square’s reader and apps are free, easy to setup and elegant. It surely is appealing for this audience.