Microsoft announces Surface →

Microsoft does not want you to think that the Surface is a tablet as we now know it (I’m looking at the iPad). The emphasis is much more on the PC side of things. The presentation focuses a lot on the keyboard-cover and on the stand, but almost never mentions how you would use the device as a tablet only. The demonstration even shows Adobe Lightroom being used as you would on your current desktop computer. Photoshop, Autodesk, SolidWorks (both 3D design softwares so relying on high power) are also mentioned.

Microsoft is going for something between a tablet like the iPad and a laptop. I can see how this could be attractive to people who like their laptop, but would prefer something as light and small as a tablet. Let’s hope Microsoft succeeds in making a device good in both situations.

I’m looking forward to the reviews.

The video of the presentation is available online too.