Square updates its app with loyalty cards and first-time specials →

Christina Chaey for FastCompany reports:

First update:

The most interesting Pay With Square update is a new loyalties program featuring in-app punchcards that let consumers keep track of which rewards they've earned with different merchants.

Second update:

Pay With Square is also introducing a parallel feature that allows merchants to offer specials to first-time customers. Square's most recent update to the app, back in March, placed a heightened focus on merchant discovery, and the new first-time specials feature is an extension of that. Now, when a Pay With Square user searches for "pizza" or "coffee," merchants offering these deals will be highlighted in search results. "We're making the experience of discovery fun and delightful, as opposed to a chore," Rabois says.

Third smaller update:

Saving a merchant to your Favorites is similar to adding a card of static information to a catalog. But when you store a merchant's info in "Your Cards," that automatically tells Pay With Square those stores are good to open tabs for you.