Surface from Microsoft: not so great finally

I must say the Surface is the tablet I’ve read the most about after the iPad. I’m intrigued by the device and the OS. The tablet seems to be good in quality and I’d like to try Windows 8.

I started this article with the firm intention to highlight key points in the reviews I’ve read today of what’s to love and what’s to hate about the Surface. Unfortunately, I was left with an unbalanced list, not to the Surface’s advantage.

From what I’ve read the best thing the Surface seems to provide is good battery life, which lives up to the iPad’s, and a good-quality feeling once in your hands. Unfortunately, the rest does not. The 16:9 form factor seems awkward to use as a tablet (very large or too tall) and cumbersome to use as a laptop (unusable on your lap).

Windows RT has a lot of downsides. Microsoft made sure you could use the classic desktop environment but only for 5 apps (IE, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote) and it’s impossible to install any other app. What’s the point apart from confusion? Of course, you can install apps from Microsoft’s store, but the selection is poor and many don’t run smoothly.

The type cover, which seems to be the main selling point (see the TV ad), is clumsy.

I won’t rehash everything, but I encourage you to read The Verge’s and Gizmodo’s reviews, even only to watch their videos. They are telling.

I’m not sure why I was expecting so much from the Surface, maybe I wanted Microsoft to come up with something exciting. Sure, I haven’t used one yet, but I don’t feel in a hurry anymore.