Testing Square Wallet in the streets of San Francisco →

Daniel Terdiman for CNET took Square Wallet for a test. If you’re not familiar with the service and the revolution it brings to payments, it is worth reading.

What struck me though was Daniel’s experience with a merchant that accepted to pay with Square even though he was still using the classic point of sale system. Daniel’s remark is pretty interesting:

In some ways, this was a more interesting scenario because it demonstrated how much merchants want to be part of the Square universe, even when they aren't ready to ditch their traditional registers. Being in the Square directory means people like me will find merchants like Cafe Venue, even if actually paying there means a slightly more cumbersome process for the cashiers.

This is telling and pretty cool for Square to know. Its expansion depends on both the customers’ and merchants’ adoption. If the laters find commercial benefits in accepting Square, they will and it will drive Square’s exposure to more customers.

I am yet to read such articles about Square competitors though.