My eyesight has not worsened

I wrote a short article when I bought last January. My hope was to use it to organise small breaks while working on the computer.

A couple of months before I had been prescribed another pair of glasses with stronger correction. As much as I could, I wanted to limit further decline. I then researched and found the 20-20-20 advice: while working/reading something close to your eyes, take breaks each 20 minutes for 20 seconds and look at an object at least 20 meters away to relieve your eyes.

A year and a half of practice later, I had the pleasure to learn from my ophthalmologist this morning that my eyesight has stayed the same (even though the past months have been hard on my eyes: writing my thesis, preparing my finals).

I’m not sure if the stagnation is attributable solely to these breaks, but I am convinced it makes a difference. I’m happy with the result and I will continue.