The 2013 Apple WWDC Keynote is available →

A few thoughts:

  • It seemed like a long keynote to me, close to two hours. They showed a lot of stuff.
  • I was surprised by the Mac Pro sneak peak and the announced release of iOS 7 later this fall. Maybe they did it in the past, but I remember Apple announcing products going for sale in the very near future. Here, they made two major announcements way ahead of release without no precise release dates. I think they're obviously addressing the recent media's and Wall Street's claims about their lack of innovation.
  • On that note, I loved Schiller's "Can't innovate anymore, my ass!". I guess he is going to take a lot heat for that.
  • The atmosphere on stage was relieved, very humorous.
  • I could not help but think about Scott Forstall when Federighi cracked his jokes about the torn-off pages in the Calendar app, stitches, the green marker felt in Game Center. He and Steve Jobs were big supporters of such graphic elements. The new user interface surely is polarising. Many will say it is inspired by Windows Metro. I agree. This is a big change for iOS. I am impatient to try it out.

Apple still is the only company that can make me sit for a two-hour keynote and bring me so such enjoyment.