Hands-on with the Amazon Fire Phone: Dynamic Perspective →

The Verge:

Amazon has baked in some power-user tricks, though. A swipe in from the left or right brings in various panes depending on your context. In email it gives you basic navigation and also a list of all your recent attachments. On the homescreen you get universal navigation and weather. All of these also come in with a quick tilt gesture, though to be honest we found it easier just to swipe. That should be a little worrisome for Amazon — one of the core features of the phone felt kind of unnecessary. The same could be said for some of the other Dynamic Perspective features. Tilting a map to bring up labels or peek at the edge is a neat demo. But in real use it turns out that when you have a phone in your hands, you happen to have fingers that are right there and ready to be used to do stuff on your phone. The lockscreen stuff is super neat — a poker table where the time is literally printed on the felt was particularly fun to shift around — but after a couple of minutes it's hard to see what the functional advantage is here. On the other hand, we're excited to see what game developers can do here. 3D gaming on phones was a (well-deserved) bust, but this perspective stuff could be less annoying and inspire new ways of doing things in a game.

It looks really impressive and fun in The Verge’s video, but, from what I can read, the big question is whether this is useful compared to using fingers.

Definitely more interesting for games.