Amazon’s new Fire Phone →

The Verge:

The Fire Phone is designed for Amazon’s “most engaged customers,” Bezos said, and it shows. Like Amazon’s other devices in the Kindle family, the Fire Phone’s plain-looking body and sharp screen hide some decent — if not quite industry-leading — computing hardware. But it’s in the mix of the phone’s hardware and software that Amazon tries to stand apart, offering subtle 3D effects, unique gestures for using the phone, and gallons of Amazon-branded video and music features that work with its other devices. Starting at $199.99 on AT&T with a free year of Prime membership, it’s clear that Amazon wants the Fire Phone to rise to the top of an already crowded sea of competitors.

Let’s wait for the reviews to see wether it’s a good phone or not. I’m not part of Amazon’s “most engaged customers” so I don’t get much excitement from this release.

I’m curious though to hear more about the head-tracking technology and the Dynamic Perspective feature, especially its effects on battery life.