See a fashion icon take on Google Glass →

The Verge:

Just a few blocks from Google’s New York offices, the company held an event today that marked the launch of a partnership with fashion icon Diane von Furstenberg. Partnership rumors have been floating around the still-young Glass brand since its inception, and there's a reason: Google considers this an important step in expanding the reach of the product, which has seen its fair share of detractors. Von Furstenberg herself is no stranger to the tech after using Glass at a runway event in 2012, and she was seen at today's event wearing many of the new designs throughout the afternoon while she maneuvered through the crowd.

It’s easy to see what Goole is trying to do with these partnerships. They want celebrities and fashion icons to endorse Glass in order to lift the general public’s negative perception regarding the product. I am curious to see if they will succeed, because I don’t see it happening.

It is an intersting gadget, I agree, but nothing I would want to wear on my face everyday. It looks intrusive in itself, but what is even more repellent to me is that I would feel like an idiot wearing these glasses.

Maybe, I’ll be proven wrong.

The Verge has many photos of the event on their website.