A day after launch, HTC sold the Nexus 9 for 50% off →

Last week precisely, I quoted The Verge’s review of the Nexus 9, specifically their overall feeling about the tablet and build quality. I added the following note:

Not that easy to build a convincing iPad competitor at the same price, it seems.

What was my surprise, when I read that one day after launch HTC cut the price by 50%.

Ars Technica:

We've seen widespread complaints about the new "premium" pricing strategy for the new Nexus devices, and to make matters worse, the Nexus 9 didn't really live up to the "premium" price. With a price cut this deep just a day after launch, we have to wonder if the Nexus 9 is really worth $400. On Google Play, the device is still going for $400, but this is definitely an eyebrow-raising move by HTC. We were able to buy one and actually got a confirmation e-mail. We'll update this report should any new information on the situation become available. Update: HTC just tweeted that it is "working on something for everyone who missed out," which makes it sound like more price cuts are coming.