Mechanical smartwatches, wait what? →

The Verge:

This doesn't look real. And right now, it isn't — but a startup named Kairos claims that it will be shipping the first versions of its stunning mechanical-digital hybrid smartwatch in December of this year. If that actually happens, it could dramatically close the gap between the two oft-opposed forces — tech and fashion — that are driving the market for wristwatches today.

It’s a very impressive concept in theory. It has everything expected from a smartwatch nowadays: push notifications for call, texts, emails, includes a fitness tracker, control music playback from your smartphone, remote control your phone’s camera, GPS for world time display, etc.

It’s a shame though that everything from the design of the product itself, to the video, the website, and so on, makes it look like a bulky gadget rather than a true fashion accessory.