Okay. Now you’ve probably read the title, the description and a few articles on this blog, you’re probably wondering who writes this shitty stuff in this approximate English. Well, that’s me. Gary.

First excuse me for the shitty stuff that’s because it’s the result of my shitty mind. I can’t help it.

Second, let me explain why my English is approximate and why I continue to use it anyway. I’m French. English isn’t obviously my mother-tongue. I therefore make mistakes. That’s why you’ll sometimes read huge ones, sometimes tiny ones here, but each time you spot one I suggest you point it out to me. Feel free to drop me an email or a tweet. Please. I’ll be sincerely thankful.

The challenge

Despite my English, I insist for two reasons :

  • I love that language and I want to practice it more than only reading it. I need a bigger challenge than understanding it. I want to get better at it and to be able to use it to express my feelings and my thoughts.
  • I now feel concerned by a lot of subjects covered by English-written blogs and I would like to enter the global discussion.

Who am I?

If you’ve read this about page so far, you may be willing to learn more about myself. I’m a student born in France in 1990. I value friendship, honesty, self-control and I try to live by those principles. I’m curious for about anything but not at the same time. Everything in its own time.

I used to publish this site thanks to MarsEdit and WordPress. However, in November 2018, I switched to Jekyll and Github Pages for hosting. I kept the design unchanged with the move. From the start, my idea has been focused on simplicity and clarity for the readers. My goal was to get rid of unessential elements, make it look as uncluttered as possible and finally be pleasant to read.

Each bit of code has been written in Espresso while playing music in iTunes/Spotify. Everything is done on a Macbook bought in 2008. I have been the happy owner of this wonderful machine since then and it has always been helpful. Here I’ll try to discuss mainly how I live the technology and how changes are affecting my life.

I want this blog to be personal and subjective as well. To finish, I hope you’ll enjoy reading the shitty stuff I write in my approximate English.